On The Edge        
The World in Transition

Wolfgang Zandt

08.06.2012  7pm

Exhibition: 09.06.2012-07.07.2012

Aftershowparty 10pm

On the Edge – The World in Transition

On the Edge shows stages of the transition from the old to the new world. Everything is in motion, everything is developing – Heraclitus’ “Panta Rhei” is given new meaning.

The indication of space and reality paired with maximal abstracts and freely flowing forms, offering the viewer potential for many different individual interpretations, is in the foreground. The creation of light, space, and atmosphere is of essential importance in the extremely contrasting, much tiered, differentiated works. The achievements of painting are juxtaposed here, tested as to their validity, and arranged in a new overall context. In the end, nothing other than color, fragment, and intoxication remain – image. Or in other words: painting. In worlds of imagery dominated by the appearance of dissolution, open spaces invite the viewer to take a breath in the breathlessness of the “Everything is everywhere” and the occasional delicate line finds its way out of this unconsciousness.

Wolfgang Zandt was born in Regensburg in 1982 and graduated from HfBK Weissensee as a master student in 2011.



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